Friday, May 25, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner

Trying to hone in my blogging skills and set up the way it looks is hard!  Next time i have a great marketing idea to help expand my company I'm keeping it to myself.

We are trying to cut our expenses right now and not spend any money, have you ever tried to live off of left over food in the freezer for a week!?!  Well I can now say I have.  Last night we quickly realized that the eggs we had in the fridge had a sell by date that might have passed 7 days ago; but it's eggs whats the worst thing that could happen to you....  Well almost 24 hours has gone by and I'm still feeling fine (fingers crossed).  I cooked up some potatoes, added in the bell peppers, and than finally the eggs.  It was a great cheap easy meal to make and we had more than enough for leftovers for breakfast this morning.

After dinner I went out to the garage to put some more drywall up for a project that never seems like its going to end.  I'll take some pictures and post something about that next week. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Am Web Present

So this Blog will be me posting pictures of projects I'm working on around the house or jobs I'm currently working on, plus any cool information I've come across that i think is worth sharing.  It could range from music, beer, wine, a new construction tool or a design idea for the house, garage, or the yard.